My month in books June 2019

It has been quite a mixed bag this month. I’ve read some great books and had some great reading experiences. I started the month with Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour. A powerful and emotional read but a book i would recommend everyone to read. I had my first DNF book this month on NetGalley, it was a shame because the cover is absolutely stunning and the synopsis was a real draw. Unfortunatly it didnt live up to that in my opinion. Did i feel bad for DNF’ing?? Not at all. We Simple can’t read and love every single book out there. Also this month i have been beta reading, quite a bit actually. And all very different genre’s but all very well written. And i enjoyed some online meet the author events as part of The Derwent Valley Litfest. 

A Celebration of Books is the brainchild of Richard Graham Judd
Richard was inspired to read as a child by his dear old nan. As a child, he visited her in Totton near Southampton.
They would then often walk to Totton over the railway bridge to a second-hand bookshop on Rumbridge Street. For Richard, it was like the shop in Mr Benn, a magical place, but one that was filled to the rafters with books. After visiting the magical bookshop, Richard’s nan would read to him, or he would read to her. So the idea of the Derwent Valley Book Festival can be found right there in his childhood.
Now that he is 51, he lives in the beautiful north east of England, and he is especially fond of the wonderful landscapes and the history of the Derwent Valley. Richard was delighted to find another magical bookshop in his new region: Barter Books in Alnwick. He is especially fond of Barter Books because his daughter, a wheelchair-user, was able to lose herself among the books in much the same way Richard did as a child.
He hopes the festival will encourage residents of the Derwent Valley to celebrate books, poems and plays, and perhaps to discover some of the magic he found as a boy. Find out more here; 
Clipped Wings. Jennifer Gilmour
My Review
The Dream House. Jess Ryder
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The Carrero Heart LT Marshall 
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Best Friends Forever. Sarah Northwood
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The Ice Cream Parlour. Isabella May
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The Lost Girls. Helen Pryke
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