Book Review|Short Stories|D. Van De Merwe

Today i am reviewing two short stories by a new to me indie author, now known as D.Wells. I have talked about short stories before and how much i enjoy them. For me they are a perfect introduction into an authors writing style and give you a good indercation of wether you enjoy they way … Continue reading Book Review|Short Stories|D. Van De Merwe

My Month In Books August 2019

AN interesting and varied month, although i didnt complete my Goodreads challenge (3 short) i still read 6 books. Which with the kids having been off school for the summer is quite an accomplishment! I took part in my first blog tour and as always i read some indie authors too. Its a little late … Continue reading My Month In Books August 2019

#Blog Tour|#Book Review|The Lost Daughter| Sylvia Broady

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my first review for a blog tour. Big thank you to Rachel @Rachel's Random Resources for inviting me and thank you to Allison & Busby for my copy. New author to A&B, Sylvia Broady whose previous books with Robert Hale have built a very strong fan base. … Continue reading #Blog Tour|#Book Review|The Lost Daughter| Sylvia Broady

ARC Review| The Tuscan Secret| Angela Petch

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for my copy of The Tuscan Secret. Historical Fiction is fast becoming a steady favourite genre, particularly the era of WWI/WWII. I am fascinated with this period in time. The lives that were changed so dramatically and the secrets they have had to keep buried. Its a truly fascinating … Continue reading ARC Review| The Tuscan Secret| Angela Petch

#BookReview Buddy Read Spring at Lavender Bay. Sarah Bennett

The friendship code sucked. After that super-hot kiss Beth had laid on him, and their subsequent discussion, Sam had spent the rest of the evening imagining how it might end. He’d pictured locking the bolt on the front door behind the last of the customers then lifting a giggling Beth onto an empty bar stool as he stepped between her thighs and picked up where they’d left off. The two of them would then creep up the stairs and past his parents’ bedroom door to tumble onto his mattress in a tangle of limbs and heated whispers. The winning scenario…that started with him taking Beth’s keys from her trembling fingers and unlocking the back door leading to her flat. And here they were… He reached out to help her. ‘Oops, butterfingers!’ Beth giggled as her keys tumbled to the floor. It wasn’t the sexy kind of giggle he’d been daydreaming about though. It was the ‘shouldn’t have had that second bottle’ kind. At least the dark would hide the frustration he was sure was written all over his face.