My Month in Books|October 2019

A lean month once again only four books. I think now i have completed my GoodReads challenge though i don’t feel as pressured, i’m reading for enjoyment more than i was. This month i did one blog tour, read a early ARC for OneMoreChapter and as always indie authors. My favourite this month was The Wonkiest Witch by Jeannie Wycherley because i loved it almost instantly.

More Than just Mum. Rebecca Smith

More Than Just Mum by Rebecca    Smith
Publisher: One More Chapter Published 7 Dec. 2019 Edition Ebook Kindle Genre Parenting/FamilyRelationships Purchase Link


Hannah Thompson loves her family beyond words… but sometimes she wishes they would recognise her as more than just ‘mum’.

Eldest son Dylan is soon to be flying the nest, sixteen-year-old Scarlet keeps asking about penalties for worryingly specific crimes, they’ve forgotten world book day and Benji absolutely will not be Where’s Wally again, and it’s at least two days before she and hubby Nick can sit down for Wine Wednesdays… and even longer until Fizzy Friday.

Determined to find herself a job that she loves, earn a whole lot of money and to have her teenagers respect her as ‘Hannah’ as well as ‘mum’; it might sound like a tall order, but she’s a mum on a mission.

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Finding Ruby. JA Higgins

Finding Ruby by J A Higgins
Publisher: SilverWood Books Published 21 Jun. 2019 Edition Paperback 252 Pages Genre Crime Purchase Link


On Halloween night, thirteen-year-old Ruby disappears in the company of a masked figure. She is never seen again. The only witness is Nell Montague who is just seven years old.

Twenty-three years later, Nell is trapped in an abusive relationship and still suffering from vivid nightmares of what she saw. When tragedy strikes she escapes and attempts to put her past behind her. Then, thirteen-year-old Emily disappears.

Haunted by increasingly disturbing visions and helped by a reluctant psychic, Nell must unravel the mystery of what really happened that night, because to save Emily she must first find Ruby. But to do so she will question everything she thought she knew about her own childhood and soon discovers that nightmares don’t always end when you wake up.

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The Wonkiest Witch:Wonky Inn book 1. Jeannie Wycherley

The Wonkiest Witch by Jeannie Wycherley
Publisher: Bark at the Moon Books Published 31 Oct. 2018 Edition Ebook Kindle 173 pages Genre Cozy Mystery Purchase Link


Alfhild Daemonne has inherited an inn.

And a dead body.

Estranged from her witch mother, and having committed to little in her thirty years, Alf surprises herself when she decides to start a new life.

She heads deep into the English countryside intent on making a success of the once popular inn. However, discovering the murder throws her a curve ball. Especially when she suspects dark magick.

Additionally, a less than warm welcome from several locals, persuades her that a variety of folk – of both the mortal and magickal persuasions – have it in for her.

The dilapidated inn presents a huge challenge for Alf. Uncertain who to trust, she considers calling time on the venture.

Should she pack her bags and head back to London?

Don’t be daft.

Alf’s magickal powers may be as wonky as the inn, but she’s dead set on finding the murderer.

Once a witch always a witch, and this one is fighting back.

A clean and cozy witch mystery.

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They Move Below. Karl Drinkwater

Publisher: Organic Apocalypse Published 24 May 2016 Edition Paperback 308 pages Genre Horror/Thriller/Short stories Purchase Link


Fifteen Tense Tales. One Sleepless Night.

Horror lives in the shadows.

It exists under the earth’s surface in ancient caves; below the vast sea’s undulating waves; under dense forest cover; within a storm’s thick, rolling clouds; downstairs in our homes, when we hear the knife drawer rattle in the night. Even our minds and bodies harbour the alien under the skin, the childhood nightmares in our subconscious.

In this collection of fifteen tales Karl Drinkwater sews flesh onto the bones of our worst fears whilst revisiting some of horror’s classic settings, such as the teen party, the boat in trouble, the thing in the cellar, the haunted museum, the ghost in the machine, and the urban legends that come true. No-one is safe. Darkness hides things, no matter how much we strain our eyes. And sometimes those things are looking back at us.

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#BookReview|The Gingerbread Houses|Benedict J Jones

I was approached by Crime Wave Press and asked if i would like to read this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you for my copy.

The Gingerbread Houses: A Charlie Bars Thriller (The Charlie Bars Thriller Series Book 3) by [Jones, Benedict J]
Publisher Crime Wave Press
Published 20th May 2019
Edition Ebook(Kindle) 184 pages
Genre Crime/Thriller/Noir



A dark secret lies at the heart of the British government; a secret so appalling that they will kill to protect it.

Charlie Bars is back in London and has taken on a missing persons case. Easy money –or so he thinks. The man he is looking for is inextricably linked to the evil perpetrated in the Gingerbread Houses and as Charlie’s search progresses, he finds himself drawn into the seedy underbelly of the capital; a world of abuse, exploitation and deviancy that threatens to destroy his soul.

Others are looking for the missing man too and hunter soon becomes hunted as Charlie finds himself the target of an insane torturer haunted by the ghosts of his military past.

As he descends into the darkest depths of human depravity, Charlie desperately tries to stay out of prison, on the right side of his morality and, most importantly, alive as he seeks to uncover the buried secrets of the Gingerbread Houses.

My Review *** 1/2 3 1/2 Stars
Dark,gritty and Disturbing
My first Charlie ‘Bars’ thriller and my first trip in to the depths of the dark side of London was a good one. Having not read the previous books in this series didn’t put me off and i felt like i knew Charlie quite well because his character is so well written, not a bad guy but not primarily a good guy either, a anti-hero you cant help but like. The whole premise of this book is a battle of constant morality and ones own personal blur lines on the side of right and wrong which played out very well. Some great characters and relationship pairings which shine a light on Charlies character hinting at a softer side to an ultimately hardy and resilient persona. A grimy,murky and suspenseful story full of action, secrets and deception. Quick, punchy chapters that leave you wanting more. I Want to read more Charlie Bars thrillers. My only bug bare was the lack of pronouns throughout which i felt stilted the flow of the story at times. On the whole an enjoyable read one i would recommend to anyone who enjoys dark thrillers.

About The Author

Benedict J Jones is a writer from south east London who mainly works in the crime,horror genres. 

His debut novel “Pennies for Charon” featuring three-time loser Charlie “Bars” Constantinou was released in late 2014. This followed up a collection featuring a novella and ten short stories entitled “Skewered; And Other London Cruelties”. These were both released by Crime Wave Press. 

His first story was published in 2008 in ‘One Eye Grey’ since then he has been published in a multitude of genre magazines, websites and in several anthologies. His debut collection of crime fiction is “Skewered and Other London Cruelties” (Crime Wave Press). Crime Wave Press Twitter Facebook Website

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