Publication Day|Shadows from the Past|Helen Pryke|plus #bookreview

Please join me in wishing Helen Pryke a very happy publication day. Shadows from the Past is released today and is the second book in the Maggie Dupont suspense series. Helen is one of my favourite indie authors and she has produced some phenomenal books, 3 this year alone!

Shadows From the Past

Publisher: Pink Quill Books Published 8 Nov. 2019 Kindle Edition 188 pages Genre Thriller/suspense Purchase Links


When your life is falling apart…
…who can you trust?

My brother and I had our future all mapped out. Until that fateful night destroyed it. Now those responsible must pay.

When Maggie receives an anonymous letter, she realises she’s being stalked. The only connection is a Hampshire gang she helped put in prison thirteen years earlier. As the stalking intensifies, Maggie suspects everyone around her. Even those she loves.

Maggie becomes more and more paranoid, unable to trust anyone, while one by one the gang members are involved in a series of horrifying attacks. Someone from her past is out for revenge, and Maggie is next…

Shadows from the Past is the second book in the Maggie Dupont series. Don’t miss this gripping sequel to The Lost Girls!


The full moon cast a silvery path through the trees, ‘lighting up the way for the fairies’, as I used to think in long-past innocent days. The park was silent at this hour, the families that went there during the day safely tucked up in bed by now. By night, the park became a hangout for the degenerate, the soulless, those in search of comfort and company, no matter how meagre or dire it may be. But even they disappeared eventually, back to wherever they came from, and it was easy to imagine the park becoming a shadowy place where mysterious things could happen.

Discovering the gang members’ weekly routines hadn’t been hard either. They were big-headed enough to believe they were untouchable by law and other criminals alike, that no one would dare to attempt to stop them. In part, they were right. Most people were scared of them, and those that weren’t were usually too stupid to know any better.
Take Liam, for instance. Every Tuesday night he went to his favourite pub and stayed until he was thrown out, generally in the early hours of the morning after a lock-in. He always took the same route home, using the short cut through the park. All I had to do was be patient.

My Review ***** 5 Stars An easy 5 stars for the magnificent second installment in the Maggie Dupont series. I love Maggie she is not your typical protagonist. The author doesn’t shy away from social stereotypes, Maggie is Gay yes, shes with Sally and that’s it. And that comes across and is done perfectly this does not define her she is a great character. Strong,resilient,resourceful, fun and caring. I love the diversity. Maggie and Sally’s relationship has grown a lot in this second book and they are stronger and better for previous events from the first book. I was shocked several times early on and grossed out too. I was gripped all the way through and really enjoyed the antagonists POV. There are subtle hints throughout that keep you guessing without giving it away too early. I particularly enjoyed the ending with a slight hint of a cliffhanger and extra twist possible. I believe very much that this author has found her niche. A perfectly paced supense/thriller that keeps you hanging on right till the end. A must read series.

Publication Day|A Sorcery of Shadows|The Westwood Witches|Sarah Northwood

Please join me in wishing a very happy publication day to the amazingly talented, multi genre and award winning #indieauthor Sarah Northwood. Who’s second book in YA Fantasy series The Westwood Witches is out today!

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Publisher; Independant(KDP)
Published; 1st October 2019
Edition; ebook Kindle
Pages; 155
Genre; YA Fantasy
Purchase Link;

My Review

About The Author

British fiction author Sarah Northwood lives in a small village with her husband, two children and writing companion, a King Charles Spaniel. She is the author of multiple books, which cover poetry, psychological thriller and children’s works. When not writing, she enjoys making good piano music sound passable and inventing new pieces.

Her poetry books include: Butterfly Dreams, The truths We Tell and Little Moments of Calm.

Her thrillers include: The Unravelling, The Volunteer and She’s Not Gone.

Her children’s books include: Unicorns are real and other cool poems, Legend of the Night Unicorn and Aerwyn, the girl who dreams.

“Growing up in a little town, I was surrounded by animals and a loving family. However, I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I was older. I’ve spent most of my working career working in science until a new life beckoned. Now I believe in never growing up! I am a Wife and Mum to two wonderful girls, who rock my world, they inspire me every day. I enjoy writing stories for children and adults. I’m a fan of romance, rhyme, poetry and composing songs. In addition, I also work part-time at my local school, which I love! I have a trusty companion, Charlie, who is my King Charles spaniel. Wherever my adventures take me, he is by my side.”

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Publication Day|The Lost Girls|Helen Pryke plus #bookreview

I am so pleased to share with you all this new release. The happiest of publication days to Helen Pryke, Author. From the author of The Innocenti Saga, comes a new novel and a new genre. The Lost Girls is a suspense boarding on pyschological. I was fortunate enough to beta read this and i can tell you it is fantastic. I love an author who is diverse and doesnt stick to one genre, and it shows great skill to be able to write in a genre in which they aren’t familiar.

Four years ago, two teenage girls were abducted. Four years ago, a ten-year-old boy was murdered. Both cases are still unsolved. Desperate to find their sisters, Michael and Chloe beg investigative journalist Maggie Dupont to help them. What starts as a simple investigation soon turns into a frantic race against time as they realise that the kidnapper took the girls to replace his sisters. The sisters who died sixteen years earlier. Forced to face traumatic events from the past, Maggie finds herself in the middle of a nightmare that’s about to get worse…

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My Review *****/5 stars I was very excited to read this and i wasn’t disappointed. The synopsis was enough for me to instantly want to read it. For an author who has never written in this genre before, the writing is exceptional. A well rounded and balanced story. The character development is smooth and the dialogue between characters is effortless. Gritty, tense and lives up to the genre, mixed with a touch of psychological thriller. A thoroughly enjoyable book that will make you nervous, have you biting your nails and will shock you. A book not to be missed.

Universal links for Helen’s other books

The Healers Secret

The Dragonfly Grove

A Dragonfly In Winter

Autumn Sky

Walls Of Silence

About The Author

Helen Pryke is a British author who has been living in the north of Italy for almost 30 years, learning everything about Italians, their culture, and their way of life. She now considers herself more Italian than British, even though she has never lost her British accent. Addicted to coffee and chocolate, she has also developed a passion for good food, having married an Italian who is a wonderful cook! 

Helen writes emotional women’s fiction set in Italy that deals with the difficult subject of abuse in a sensitive way. She also writes middle grade fiction under the pen name, Julia E. Clements. When she’s not writing, she works as a proofreader for indie authors and a translator (from Italian to English). She loves reading, and will read anything and everything.

For all the latest information, excerpts from her upcoming books, general fun, or for a chat, follow Helen on Facebook at 
For all her books, social media links, and more, visit her website at

Publication Day|Book 9|The Carrero Series|L.T Marshall

Please join me in wishing a Happy Publication Day to L.T Marshall. Book 9 in The Carrero Series is out today. A highly addictive contemporary romance. The Carrero Contract, finding freedom is the final of The Carrero Contract Series between Alexi and Camilla. If you love romance and books that tackle tough issues, you will love this series. Start with book 1 Jake and Emma, The Carrero Effect, The Promotion. Links can be found at the bottom.


CAMILLA WALTERS and ALEXI CARRERO embark on the final installment of their trilogy.

Love confessions hanging in the air and yet a fog of mistrust and confusion clouds the way. So much has passed and yet so much still to resolve. Danger still lurking in dark corners, threatening her life and all she is building.

A mafia based enemies to lovers tale that has gripped our hearts and pulled us on a turbulent journey to this moment.Love him or leave him, put the past to rest or let it destroy what could be.

Can she ever forgive him and allow her heart the happiness it deserves?.

Can Alexi truly be what she needs?

Contains some mature, adult content, and language.

Universal book

Universal links for all of the books in the series.

Jake’s view –
Arrick’s view –