Short Stories|Quick Reads|#BookReview

I absolutely love a short story. Some may think that this is a lazy way of reading. I disagree. Short stories can have so much substance and gives us as readers a glimpse of an authors writing style, ideology and a taste of future books. Also a message or important life lesson doesn't always need … Continue reading Short Stories|Quick Reads|#BookReview

My month in books June 2019

It has been quite a mixed bag this month. I've read some great books and had some great reading experiences. I started the month with Clipped Wings By Jennifer Gilmour. A powerful and emotional read but a book i would recommend everyone to read. I had my first DNF book this month on NetGalley, it … Continue reading My month in books June 2019

MentalHealthAwarenessWeak #MHAW19 Anxiety Girl. Lacey London

Since we can’t physically see anxiety, it’s often brushed under the carpet. We are so often told it is something that can simply be shrugged off. The reality is, until we address the underlying cause of the anxiety itself, we will never be completely free from it. Anxiety can’t be cured with an over-the-counter pill, a quick trip to the doctor’s surgery or a browse of the internet for advice and that’s a hard thing to accept. Learning to control anxiety takes time, commitment and a desire to change the way we think.