Book Review|The Smog|Brian O’Gorman

Welcome to another review post. I have been on a bit of a Thriller/Horror binge of late, with two of the last three books I’ve read being indie books. Brian is my favourite indie horror author because he has a unique and different take on the genre. Not in keeping with the commercial conformaties of the genre, it is just pure and uninhibited, good old fashioned horror.

The Smog Brian O’Gorman Published 18th March 2022 Publisher Floaty Ruler Genre Horror Edition Ebook Kindle Pages 254 Purchase Link The Smog

Blurb Welcome to the town of Gorton. This is a town low on excitement and high on hard work and doing your bit for the community. Many people in Gorton work at Meadowland hospital or Ackland Chemicals, a building that is considered an eyesore by everyone who looks upon it. The residents of Gorton, including Ben Larson, a doctor who is working his last shift in A&E, Wendy Withers a carer for her husband who, since his car accident, has locked-in syndrome and Jane Rogers a lorry driver for Ackland who is revelling in the life that she’s built for herself, will soon fight for survival. An accident in the factory unleashes a deadly smog on the town. As the streets are engulfed in the toxic gas, the survivors try and find a way out. It soon becomes clear that there is something else in the smog, an even greater danger with yellow-striped bodies and buzzing wings…

My Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Unique and totally different horror.

Not quite sure what I was expecting when I picked up this book, other than some freakishly creepy horror and gore. O’Gorman always starts out with the character building to any of his stories easing the reader in and giving you a false sense of security. But only 6 chapters in and the creepy and gross rears it’s ugly head just a little bit and you know that security is not what you are going to get here. O’Gormans choice of subject is always a little bit out there and off key, taking an idea and just running with it no holds barred, lending to his unique style. No over complicated language or over described scenario’s, just simple outright and relatable horror. The Smog is an off the wall, crazy, creepy, make your skin crawl, gross fest. Taking normal, plausible everyday occurances and objects and twisting them, darkly. The ending to was some what of a surprise but hauntingly fitting. Throughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

About the Author Brian O’Gorman was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire in 1974. A former special education needs officer and youth worker, he turned his hand to writing in 2014 after leaving work to care for his disabled wife. His fictional debut was Pharmacon and six months later he released Dawn of the Spiders which went on to be a best seller over in America and later in the U.K. He followed it with two sequels as well as a variety of horror-based novels including The Second Coming, The Water and The Smog. He currently resides in Stockport, Greater Manchester with his wife and daughter.“There is nothing better than a good horror story, something to make you squirm in your seat as you turn the pages. Just like going on a rollercoaster, you want to be pushed to the limit, knowing that you’ll be safe and well when you come out of the other side. These are the things that make you feel alive, or undead, depending on your outlook…”


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