Book Review|The Things We Regret|D Wells

This book was a breath of fresh air, literally. Absolute perfection. Thanks so much to the author for my copy.

Published 14th October 2021 Edition Ebook/Kindle Pages 291 Genre Contemporary/Family Saga/historical fiction Purchase Link


Do we ever really know what makes someone the way they are?

After suppressing childhood memories of her grandmother Edie, Jules prides herself on her resolve and independence. But when her personal life turns sour she is left with unanswered questions, a broken family unit, and a vacant house in a small seaside community in Cornwall.

In post-war Britain, a young Edie must learn to adapt to the changes of a desolated country. Stepping up to the responsibilities of the family business, amid a blossoming courtship with local fisherman Henry, she soon discovers that life can still be harsh and struggles to cope with the tragedy that befalls them.

As Jules rediscovers her identity in Port Athel, she and mother Samantha are left wondering what made Edie the way she was.

My Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


A simply stunning book. This was the perfect read after a exhausting and tough true crime read. I devoured it. I loved everything about it, the writing style, the characters yes even Edie and the gorgeous setting. Yet again as with many books and characters I find that I see myself in them and the stories they share. D Wells is becoming a firm favourite and I would highly recommend this beautiful book.

About The Author

D. Wells has written four books; a full length novel 6 Caledon Street set in contemporary times, with an historical subplot, and several short story compilations under the previous pen name D. van de Merwe.
She enjoys writing about family dynamics and if she can manage it, slip in a few historical references too. Her second novel The Things We Regret is due to be released in October 2021.
D. Wells is married, has several small and exhausting children and lives in East Anglia, as close to the countryside as she can get.


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