Book Review|Not Mine to Take|Christine Hancock & Keiron Cosgrave

Thank you to both authors for reaching out and for my copy. Always happy to help an indie author.

Not mine to Take Published 25th May 2021 Edition ebook Pages 318 Genre Psychological thriller/suspense Purchase Link


What if your hopes and dreams become your worst nightmare?

When bestselling novelist Erin Moran discovers her husband’s infidelity, the threads holding together her life, ten-year marriage and career, start to unravel.

Under pressure from her agent and best friend, Olivia Pope, to rewrite her rejected latest novel, Erin seeks sanctuary on Scalaig – an idyllic tidal island on the west coast of Scotland.

Broken and depressed, with only her faithful golden retriever Bella for company, Erin settles in for a summer of renewal at her beloved Scalaig Lodge. What starts out as an escape soon becomes something far more sinister.

The locals in the nearby town of Scaloon, seem resentful of her presence, and Erin can’t understand why.

Alone and isolated, cut off from the mainland twice a day, Erin’s imagination runs wild.

Are the rumours of kidnap and murder the stuff of legend perpetuated to scare away strangers and interlopers? Or is Erin being warned off?

After a series of unexplained events, Erin questions her sanity…

Is someone out there? Is someone watching her every move? Is someone biding their time?

Not Mine To Take is a dark and twisty psychological thriller that will keep you guessing into the early hours.

My Review ⭐⭐⭐1/2 my first book by this author. The blurb is spot on you get that you know what you are in for. Down on her luck, betrayed by her husband and her agent and publishers on her back poor Erin is at her whits end. Lucky for her the unfaithful husband of hers only bought her an island as a wedding present. So with that in mind the opportunity for some r and r and to find her writing sparkle again she sets of with her beloved dog Bella. What starts out as quite a calm and serene story with a touch of humour soon becomes something more sinister and creepy. The idea of being cut off from the mainland not once but twice a day is enough to spook anyone. A good read with a strong main character with a beautiful yet frightening backdrop.

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