Book Review|The Second Coming|Brian O’ Gorman

My first review of the day, and the first in a while, so if you are reading this thank you. Big thank you to the author for my copy of this terrifyingly captivating book.

The Second Coming Brian O’ Gorman Published 19th March 2021 Edition e-book/ kindle Pages 343 Genre Horror Purchase Link(s)

Blurb Joe Braden is on the bottom shelf of life. Recently fired for stealing from his warehouse job, he spends much of his time doing nothing and trying to find a way to strike up a relationship with his best friend Debbie, even though he knows nothing will ever come of it. Then in the early hours of the morning, Joe goes for a walk that changes the course of his life. Suddenly Joe has power beyond anything he could dream of. He sees the world in a whole new light and he could spread the light as far as he wants. But, on the other side of the city, a deep cold is beginning to grow. A man who is intent on turning the city to darkness. They are set on a collision course and only one of them can determine the fate of the people. It’s just a question of who will get to them first.

My Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars!

O’ Gorman is where horror is at!

The Second Coming has been a long time coming, the ultimate battle of good and evil playing out in the everyday lives of ordinary people. We all believe in something whether it be religious, spiritual or otherwise. This story plays on your belief system and moral compass making you ask those questions of yourself and the human race as a whole,when things really do come to the crunch. Which side will you choose? O’ Gorman isn’t afraid to go there, exploring this still much taboo subject and adding a splash of imaginable horror into the mix. I was really pleased with the character choices of who was who and who did what, it makes total sense. A strong, gripping plot that keeps you guessing from the very first page and characters you can fight for. A great read from an understated author of the gene. Whatever your beliefs horror fans will love this book.

About The Author

Writer of (mostly) horror and suspense novels. Consumer of tea. Brian O’Gorman was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire in 1974. He published his first novel Pharmacon in 2014 after years of writing unpublished short stories. He normally writes in the horror genre but has turned his hand to children’s books and contemporary fiction. He is most famously known for his novel Dawn of the Spiders which has entertained and appalled readers all across the globe. “It was about time I did something positive with it. I have been writing for what feels like my entire life. I was always writing just to amuse myself, I never even thought that there was any remote chance that I could get it published. Writing is a lot of fun. Getting a new idea to work as a story is a feeling unparalleled on this earth. I’m always eternally grateful when somebody chooses one of my scribblings to spend some time with. I have no illusions about being a literary master, I just like to tell stories, ones that make you wonder if there is anything nasty lurking under the bed-covers as you slip your legs in, or perhaps they make you wonder, just as your hand hovers over the light switch, whether something is waiting for you in the dark….something with big teeth and bad intentions…..I grew up watching monster movies, the kind of things where human kind were under attack from a giant beast that had been spawned from mankind’s meddling with mother nature. That story will never get old for me.” Find Brian on Facebook Twitter Website Amazon Author Page

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