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Thank you to Sarah for reaching out to me and asking me to review this delightful little book and for my copy. Thank you also to Sue Miller at Team Author UK for recommending me.


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Publisher Self-pub/kdp Published 15 April 2020 Edition Digital copy 32 pages Purchase Link

Blurb This is a magical story about the bond between a child and her grandmother. With Lisa Williams’ beautiful illustrations the love and wisdom in the story shines through the pages. One night, grandma comes to stay and helps Eva overcome the challenges she is facing. Grandma soothes Eva with her words and helps her to visualise things going well. This heart-warming tale teaches children how to support their happiness and have a positive focus using the practice of visualisation and meditation.

My Review **** 4 stars

A wonderful, uplifting read for young children. Teaching them resilience, how to practice feeling happy and positive using visualisation. To help them to see the best in themselves. The relationship between a child and their grandparent is a bond like no other. Nanny’s, Nana’s, Grampies and Grandpas everywhere will really enjoy reading this beautifully, eyecatching illustrated book to their little ones. Grandparents aren’t just for sweeties, cake, and creating mischief they are for long, sweet hugs and full of wisdom to.


Excerpt Sometimes we need our grandma, To squeeze us really tight.

Just knowing she is there with us, Makes everything all right.

I want to share this taleThat will change your life forever.

Use the wisdom to your advantage, This guidance is so clever. 

One winter’s night at 6 o’clock, My Grandma came to stay. I greeted her with such delight, I won’t forget that day.

As the time reached 8 o’clock, I had to go to bed. But I was nightmares, They won’t leve my head.

Grandma took me up to bed, I began to get upset. Grandma sat me down and said,

“My darling, do not fret.”



About The Author SEI_SarahG7 (2)

Sarah Griffiths – Children’s Author
Sarah is a children’s author and experienced teacher.
Sarah writes rhyming stories for 3-11-year-olds filled with
magic and adventure and holds author visits at primary
schools, nurseries and libraries. Stories are brought to
life with special props and a storytelling performance
from Sarah. Alongside her stories, Sarah teaches self-
esteem and well-being workshops, which awaken
children to the power of their mind and promote a
positive approach to life. Sarah also teaches creative,
poetry and story writing workshops which give children
the freedom to write with confidence and express their
creativity. Through her stories and workshops, Sarah’s
aim is to celebrate children’s uniqueness, uncover their
dreams, their passions and embrace their strengths. Her special message is: “We are all
magnificent and we can reach our dreams if we can just change the way we think!”

Sarah’s Ethos
Sarah’s ethos is all about building a positive mindset that celebrates
the whole of who we are, demonstrating to children a holistic (whole
thinking) approach to life. When children identify at a young age
what is important to them, focus on their dreams for the future and
are able to plan for it, children begin to believe in a future that they
have control of and are excited about. Empowering children to think
in this way helps them to see the best in themselves and others and
build high self-esteem. Children build resilience and have practical
tools they can use daily to support their happiness now and for their

Finding Stones for
Grandma is the third

in an inspiring series of books which are boosting the wellbeing of children across the UK and
beyond. Each book is connected to an impactive workshop, and Sarah travels far and wide delivering
those workshops to Key Stage 2 pupils.
The first book, Sophie’s Spectacles, tells the story of a seven-year-old who has little faith in her own
abilities. With the help of a teacher and some magical glasses, she is able to see herself as others do.
This book focuses on unlocking children’s potential and inspiring self-belief, reminding readers that
the ability to connect with others is a true gift.
Children undeniably feel pressure from a young age to conform to the expectations of their families,
peers and society. In the second book, Jack and the Genie, Jack is transported to his own future by
the genie and is able to see that following those expectations rather than reaching for his own
dreams and goals really doesn’t make him happy as an adult. This wonderful story teaches children
about following their own inner guidance and finding true happiness.
Sarah’s other books include George and Maude – a wonderful tale about the friendship between
Maude and her pet parrot George. When an intruder in the night startles George, he must work out
how to keep his beloved Maude safe. And Douglas’s Trousers – a magical story about Douglas,
whose ordinary day turns into a magical flying adventure with a special message: to stand up for
what is important and believe in yourself.
She says: “My work is inclusive; it embraces every child, letting children be who they are. When we
are at our very best, together the human race can make incredible things happen. This ethos unites
us all, embraces our diversity and we stand together, living in harmony.”

How can I contact Sarah?

 Website:
 Facebook: SarahGriffithsAuthor
 Twitter: @sarahGriffithsA
 Email




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