Arc Review|Holiday Date|Debbie Ioanna

I absolutely loved Blind Date so when Debbie asked if I would like to review the second book I jumped at the chance. More bing!

Publisher Published 03 April 2020 Edition Kindle Genre Romantic Comedy Purchase Links UK US


Relationships are tested in this highly anticipated sequel to ‘Blind Date’. (Includes BONUS chapter)

Jenny is back in this romantic comedy, and this time she has her man. Life is wonderful as she switches her sex dreams for the real thing with her hunk, Zack. As well as feeling loved up, she must also console her recently-single best friend, Sarah. Those much-loved blind dates make a welcome return as Jenny gets the sweet taste for vengeance.

After a girly holiday to Rome, and a somewhat unexpected vegan experience, Zack whisks Jenny abroad for a romantic holiday of their own. However, jolly holidays aren’t on the menu when faced with a twenty-something stunner in the next villa.

Holidays take the centre stage for this sequel, where relationships are put to the test, at home and abroad.

My Review ***** 5 Stars A brilliantly funny read. It was so good to be back with Jenny and Sarah after the antics, laughs and fun of book one I was eager to see what hilarity befell the friends in book two. I was not disappointed. The author has definitely gone to new levels of utter, shameless embarrassment and humiliation. One particular disastrous date had me sniggering for a good while and with good reason. There are some low moments but they are heartfelt and fit the story’s dynamic. My favourite character Bing the cat is back. The naughty little puss hasn’t been himself after a mistermina in book one and it was great to see him getting back on form. I sometimes feel the silly cat has more mishaps and disasters than the girls themselves and it only adds to the laughter factor. A really cute, fun, warm, funny and uplifting read. A perfect antidote to lift even the worst of days or moods. If you love a good laugh, enjoy close friendships and mischievous animals you will love this series. I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next.

About The Author

Debbie Ioanna

Debbie is a Bradford born indie author who now has three books published and available to buy in Kindle and Paperback.

‘The Runaway Girl’ was written when she was sixteen, followed by ‘Abberton House’ when she was in her late twenties. Thirdly is ‘Blind Date’, a romantic comedy which is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

‘Holiday Date’ is due to be released 3rd April 2020! This is book 2 of the ‘Blind Date’ series.

Find her on her blog @ Facebook Twitter Instagram


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