Indie Author Spotlight|Teuta Metra|Book Review

I have two spolights to finish off a great year getting to know some fabulous indie authors. First up is Teuta Metra, Author of Nowhere Girls.

Nowhere Girls by [Metra, Teuta]
Publisher Self Published Published 17th Febuary 2019 Edition Kindle 289 pages Genre Literary Fiction Purchase Links UK US


Friends Alba and Sara could not be more different. While Alba is worming her way into the upper echelons of Albanian’s richest and most powerful, by any means she can, Sara is working more than one job as a struggling journalist. Both desperate to escape their corrupt country, they’re quickly dragged into a sordid world of politics and lies.

But when tragedy strikes their friend Ina, the two women must come together to save their friend’s little boy. Can they put away their past, to secure a better future for the child? How easily can you run, when you can’t escape yourself?

Although this is a fictitious tale, the author draws from her own experiences as an Albanian journalist and her struggles to find a better life outside of her country. NOWHERE GIRLS is a thrilling insight into the lives of three very different women, and the lengths a person will go to for freedom

My Review **** 4 stars A real, sometimes dark and deep story of life for women in Albania. Stories like this one really make you appreciate your own life and they also make think about women kind in general. This story made me want to fight for them and it also re instilled that woman are amazing, strong, determined and should never be underestimated. Their lives all very different but yet they are all on the same journey, a journey to escape the deep rooted issues in their country of birth. Corruption, deception, sexism are all rife. An emotional and powerful read that feels very very real. A real eye opener and a story that will stay with you for a long time.

About The Author

Teuta Metra

Teuta Metra is an Albanian-born writer. Ever since becoming a journalist 15 years ago, she has been driven to tell the stories of Albanian women. She writes passionately about the plight of women in her country, and works hard raising awareness of their struggles. Author, journalist and teacher, Teuta Metra now lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two sons. Social Media Links Facebook Twitter Website Instagram


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