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Today i am reviewing two short stories by a new to me indie author, now known as D.Wells. I have talked about short stories before and how much i enjoy them. For me they are a perfect introduction into an authors writing style and give you a good indercation of wether you enjoy they way they write and a taste sometimes of future works. You can also get a lot from a short story,a story/plot doesn’t neccessarily have to be a 300 plus page novel.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas: A festive short story by [van de Merwe, D.]
Publisher self published Published November 20, 2014 Kindle edition 68 pages Genre Romance/short story Purchase Links


A romantic and festive short story, 12 Days of Christmas captures the blossoming relationship between Emma and attractive neighbour Jed. Centred around Christmas and New Year, this short story is bound to get you in the holiday mood.

Emma has a disagreeable first meeting with new neighbour Jed, over the trifling matter of a Christmas tree. Another awkward encounter or two later and Emma ushers in the festive season realising that she quite likes the handsome guy next door.

A workaholic, she comes to terms with having let life pass her by, while Jed offers the chance of some much needed normality and much missed romance. Dealing with an over excited housemate, Emma’s own confusing feelings and a smattering of snow and all things festive, her 12 Days of Christmas are anything but dull.

My Review **** 4 stars

A lovely cosy read

A really enjoyable read. Emma and Jed don’t get off to the best of starts but soon a friendship blossoms and developing feelings with a sweet happy conclusion. We actually learn quite a lot about Emma. The author has packed quite a bit into this story. Lots of fun,laughter and festivities. A perfect Christmas short story.

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas by [van de Merwe, D.]
Publisher self published Published November 29, 2017 Kindle edition 46 pages Genre Family fiction Purchase links


Three years after the events of the ’12 Days of Christmas’, Emma and Jed are about to get married. But not before the family come together to celebrate Christmas day in style. However, with Emma’s sister Maddie going through a painful and troubling separation and Jed facing the first festivities since the loss of his mum, they all need to pull together in support.

A short story about reconciliation and hope, The Heart of Christmas is full of warmth, festivities and Christmas spirit.

A sequel to the ’12 Days of Christmas’.

My Review **** 4 stars

Gorgeous sequel

A great second trip in to the lives of Emma and Jed. We meet some lovely new characters and a lot of focus is on Emma’s sister Maddie. The characters and story is so well written that I felt I really knew them all. There is a lot of substance in this story. Christmas, a wedding and reconciliation what’s not to love. I would love to see a 3rd book possibly a longer one.

About The Author

D. Wells

D. van de Merwe is British born and currently living somewhere where the sun shines, with her husband and young family. She loves writing, reading, exploring and adventure, in no particular order.

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