ARC #BookReview|More Than Just Mum|Rebecca Smith

I was invited to read this by One more Chapter and recieved my copy via NetGalley.

More Than Just Mum: A laugh out loud novel of family chaos and reinvention by [Smith, Rebecca]
Publisher One More Chapter/Harper Collins UK Published 7th December 2019 Edition Ebook Kindle Genre Family/relationship/Humour
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Hannah Thompson loves her family beyond words… but sometimes she wishes they would recognise her as more than just ‘mum’.

Eldest son Dylan is soon to be flying the nest, sixteen-year-old Scarlet keeps asking about penalties for worryingly specific crimes, they’ve forgotten world book day and Benji absolutely will not be Where’s Wally again, and it’s at least two days before she and hubby Nick can sit down for Wine Wednesdays… and even longer until Fizzy Friday.

Determined to find herself a job that she loves, earn a whole lot of money and to have her teenagers respect her as ‘Hannah’ as well as ‘mum’; it might sound like a tall order, but she’s a mum on a mission.

A laugh-out-loud read of self-discovery, family chaos and love. Perfect for fans of Gill Sims, Fiona Gibson and Nick Spalding.

My Review ***** 5 stars

Hannah Thompson, wife, mother, teacher and friend. Wants more from life, to be more than those thing’s. Who can blame her? Right? We all want to live our best life be something more than those labels.

A fabulously funny and dynamic read. A great cast of loveable and endearing characters. A story told from everyday life that you just can’t help but relate to, cocky teenagers, family pets, disasters,calamity and love. I really hope that there is going to be more from this family because the author briefly touched on Hannah’s mum I would love to see more of her. I dare you to read every chapter without breaking in to fits of laughter. It’s a hoot.

About The Author Author. Mother of teens which is way more challenging than being a mother of dragons. Big fan of prosecco, exclamation marks & oversharing. I am a writer, a wife and the mother of three teenagers whose names will be changed, in order to protect the guilty. Whether or not I am a sex goddess definitely depends on who you ask. More than Just Mum is not my first book but it’s my adult debut and I am ridiculously excited that it’s being published in December 2019. Facebook


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