My Month in books|September 2019

It has been a bit of a lean month reading wise this month but thats ok. I don’t like to put to much pressure on myself and reaching and finishing my Goodreads challenge by the end of September is quite an achievment. A couple of blog tours this month a review for a small press and of course an indie author.

The Love Delusion Nicole Mostyn
Piatkus 5th September 2019 Paperback Fantasy/Romance 384 pages. Purchase Link
Blurb LOVE IS . . . A MYTH?
That’s the belief of Frida McKenzie, devoted member of The Love Delusion movement, determined to cure humans of our ridiculous obsession with love.
But there’s something she’s forgotten…
When Frida finds a mysterious picture of herself with a man she barely knows, the certainties she has about her world begin to unravel.
What are the sinister roots of the cult that seems to have gripped humanity? Why can’t she remember anything about her life before – including the strange(ly attractive) man in that picture? And just when exactly did she take up fantasy role play?
As a battle approaches that’s been millennia in the making, it’s beginning to look like there’s only one question that really matters: if love conquers all, what happens when it’s gone?

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The Gingerbread Houses: A Charlie Bars Thriller (The Charlie Bars Thriller Series Book 3) by [Jones, Benedict J]
The Gingerbread Houses Benedict J Jones Crime wave press 20th May 2019 Ebook Kindle 184 pages Crime/Thriller/Noir Purchase Link

A dark secret lies at the heart of the British government; a secret so appalling that they will kill to protect it.

Charlie Bars is back in London and has taken on a missing persons case. Easy money –or so he thinks. The man he is looking for is inextricably linked to the evil perpetrated in the Gingerbread Houses and as Charlie’s search progresses, he finds himself drawn into the seedy underbelly of the capital; a world of abuse, exploitation and deviancy that threatens to destroy his soul.

Others are looking for the missing man too and hunter soon becomes hunted as Charlie finds himself the target of an insane torturer haunted by the ghosts of his military past.

As he descends into the darkest depths of human depravity, Charlie desperately tries to stay out of prison, on the right side of his morality and, most importantly, alive as he seeks to uncover the buried secrets of the Gingerbread Houses.

My Review

Image may contain: 1 person, text
A Sorcery of Shadows The Westwood Witches 2 Sarah Northwood KDP 1st October 2019 Ebook Kindle 155 pages YA Fantasy Purchase Link
Blurb The second thrilling book in the Westwood Witches series will take you on an electrifying journey out of this world and beyond.
In between studying magic with her best friends, Lilly and Fred, Aero is frantic with worry for her mum and aunt. They disappeared searching for the Shadow Creatures and no one is doing a thing to find them.
Aero must go back to the Realm where the dark creatures are stirring. Their malevolent quest is about to set in motion events that could lead to the destruction of everything she holds dear.
Frightened and alone, Aero’s only hope is a new friend, a cat she calls Shadow. Can she find the answers she needs? And if she does, will it cost her everything? 
A Sorcery of Shadows is the second book in this young adult fantasy series. If you’re a fan of Philip Pullman and Harry Potter books, then you’re in the right place.

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Four Cristmases and a Secret Zara Stoneley Harper Collins UK/OneMoreChapter 27th September 2019 Ebook Kindle Purchase Link
Blurb It’s the most wonderful time of the year…
Except for Daisy, Christmas means another of Uncle T’s dreaded Christmas parties, complete with Christmas jumper and flashing antlers. And Oliver Cartwright. Gorgeous Oliver Cartwright. Who she hates.
Every year Daisy has to face insufferable Ollie and hear all about how BRILLIANT he is. Whereas Daisy has no job, no man and no idea how to fix things.
This Christmas, however, Daisy is determined things will be different. There will be no snogging Ollie under the mistletoe like when they were teenagers. No, this year she’ll show Ollie that she’s a Responsible Adult too.
But as the champagne corks pop, and the tinsel sparkles, Uncle T has news of his own to share… and it could change Daisy’s life forever…
Bridget Jones meets the Hallmark Channel in an irresistible romantic comedy you won’t want to miss this Christmas.

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Publisher Avon
Published 3rd October 2019
Edition Paperback 352 pages Genre Thriller Purchase Link

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/My favourites this month have been the YA Fantasy by Sarah Northwood and the brilliantly funny christmas romcom by Zara Stoneley. What have been your favourite books in September?


3 thoughts on “My Month in books|September 2019

    1. I set a realistic goal for myself because I very rarely read a book in a day but next year I may not bother. Good luck with yours I hope you reach it if not no biggie as long as you’ve read some good books x


      1. I totally agree with setting realistic goals. Mine is usual to read at least 1 book a month, which I usually have no problem with completing. This was the year I pushed myself a little to get through a few extra books by the end of year. The good news is I have been reading some good books. The bad news is I have been so busy that I can hardly find the time to sit down and read them. Haha! Book Nerd Problems.

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