#BookReview|A Sorcery Of Shadows,The Westwood Witches 2|Sarah Northwood

I am absolutely thrilled to bring to you my review for this magical second instalment in the YA Fantasy series. Sarah is a wonderful author and a firm favourite of mine.

A Sorcery of Shadows (The Westwood Witches, #2)
Publisher; Independant (KDP)
Published; 1st October 2019
Edition; Kindle
Pages; 155
Genre; YA Fantasy


The second thrilling book in the Westwood Witches series will take you on an electrifying journey out of this world and beyond.

In between studying magic with her best friends, Lilly and Fred, Aero is frantic with worry for her mum and aunt. They disappeared searching for the Shadow Creatures and no one is doing a thing to find them.

Aero must go back to the Realm where the dark creatures are stirring. Their malevolent quest is about to set in motion events that could lead to the destruction of everything she holds dear.

Frightened and alone, Aero’s only hope is a new friend, a cat she calls Shadow. Can she find the answers she needs? And if she does, will it cost her everything? 

A Sorcery of Shadows is the second book in this young adult fantasy series. If you’re a fan of Philip Pullman and Harry Potter books, then you’re in the right place.

My Review ***** 5 stars

An exceptional second installment to a wonderfully magical YA Fantasy.
Continuing on from the first book we follow Aero on her discovery of her new found powers and watch as she grows in confidence. Taking a darker and more treacherous journey to save those she loves and the world as she knows it Aero must learn to trust her instincts forge unlikely alliances and make the ultimate sacrifice. The author has truly gotten in to the mind of this young witch and portrayed a very believable and extraordinary world. We meet some wonderful new characters and creatures including Shadow the cat. Everything you could want from a fantasy, magic, other world creatures, love, tragedy and hope. A must read. I cant wait to see where the author takes us next.

About The Author

British fiction author Sarah Northwood lives in a small village with her husband, two children and writing companion, a King Charles Spaniel. She is the author of multiple books, which cover poetry, psychological thriller and children’s works. When not writing, she enjoys making good piano music sound passable and inventing new pieces.

Her poetry books include: Butterfly Dreams, The truths We Tell and Little Moments of Calm.

Her thrillers include: The Unravelling, The Volunteer and She’s Not Gone.

Her children’s books include: Unicorns are real and other cool poems, Legend of the Night Unicorn and Aerwyn, the girl who dreams.

“Growing up in a little town, I was surrounded by animals and a loving family. However, I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I was older. I’ve spent most of my working career working in science until a new life beckoned. Now I believe in never growing up! I am a Wife and Mum to two wonderful girls, who rock my world, they inspire me every day. I enjoy writing stories for children and adults. I’m a fan of romance, rhyme, poetry and composing songs. In addition, I also work part-time at my local school, which I love! I have a trusty companion, Charlie, who is my King Charles spaniel. Wherever my adventures take me, he is by my side.”

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