New to me.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am very new to this so i am still learning if i make any mistakes i can only apologize. There are already lots of great book blogs out there so i am up against some tough competition. I will just be doing my own individual thing and learning as i go. I love to read and talk books, this hasn’t always been the case its only been the last year or so that i have really become a bookworm. I know hard words to digest. Reading is away for me to escape everyday life and my anxieties. This is true for a lot of people. But a good book exciting characters and new places to visit whilst sat in your comfy spot is the best therapy. I dabble a little with writing also, i generally write poems about anxiety. I do hope you will enjoy my posts and i hope to get a lot out of doing this by way of experience writing/blogging and by helping books to succeed.


One thought on “New to me.

  1. Hi Kayleigh- I am not sure how you feel about reviewing Indie published books. I have a book being published on 4th December published through Grosvenor House who were recommended by the Alliance of Independent Authors – it is already listed as available to preorder on Waterstones and Amazon. It’s title is Reaching for the Light under my pen name Jan Mitchell Roger’s and I have put some info about it on the Book Connectors FB page. I also have a FB page called MID WALES MAGIC which will give you more info about me. I would love to provide further info if you are interested.


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